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Hayden Block Smoke & Whisky

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

BBQ Joint | Whisky House

1136 Kensington Rd NW, (403) 283-3021

Average Rating : 4.4 (1613 reviews, Source: Google / Facebook / Zomato)

Monday - Thursday : 11am - 1am

Friday : 11am - 2am

Saturday : 10am - 2am

Sunday: 10am - 1am

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Dish rating : 4.4

Service rating : 4.5

Restaurant rating : 4.5

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Tipsy Texan

House-smoked, true-Texas BBQ barely hangs on the bone, infused with the perfect balance of woodsy char and flavourful smoke vapours. Then, there’s the hand-crafted whiskey cocktails. Explore over 100 different selects on the menu — or let us surprise you with something bold. And if the mood strikes you, sip on carefully hand-picked draught and wine on tap. Fixin’ for endless summer days & warm nights on the patio? Be sure to join us in our backyard Whiskey Garden.


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